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Current - Past
Current Projects

Uniform Relocation Act Consultations with Private Developers:
Logan, Ohio
Springfield, Ohio
Laurelville, Ohio
McRae, Georgia

Housing Tax Credit Project Development:
Various Transfers of Physical Assets applications.

Past Projects

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project:
Westview Apartments, Athens

Uniform Relocation Act Assistance to Cities:
Lead-Safe Springfield

Institution Building:
Four Community Schools, Columbus

As a result of its efforts, the firm built or rehabilitated over 2,500 units of housing for low and moderate income renters and purchasers using various financing instruments including Section 8 New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation, Turnkey and Conventional Public Housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Section 17 Rental Rehabilitation, Community Development Block Grant funded rehabilitation of both single family and multi-family housing, HOME Program funded rehabilitation, conventionally-financed new construction with down payment assistance to purchasers, Section 221 d3 financed rehabilitation, rehabilitation using Section 312 loans, Urban Homesteading, UDAG-funded land assembly and land clearance for conventionally financed new construction, Nehemiah Program funding for down payment assistance through a non-profit corporation, and other creative mixed funding plans.

Bruce Burns organized four public housing authorities, and was awarded Turnkey Public Housing, Conventional Public Housing and Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers to get them started. In addition, Bruce has served as consulting Executive Director for seven public housing authorities (Athens-twice, Vinton, Morgan, Licking-twice, Springfield and Fairfield), received a PHMAP score of 100 in 1998 as Interim Director for the Licking Metropolitan Housing Authority, Served as Acting Executive Director of Springfield MHA in a turnaround role achieving a PHAS Score of 88.76, a PHAS Score of 94 in his second term as Licking MHA Interim Executive Director and a 99 as Executive Director of Fairfield.

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