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Williamsport-Deercreek Comprehensive Plan
The Village of Plain City, Ohio
The Village of Obetz, Ohio
Jerome Township, Union County, Ohio
Darby Township, Union County, Ohio
Allen Township, Union County, Ohio
Highland County, Ohio
Millcreek Zoning Rewrite (off site to Union County Economic Development)
Parsons Avenue Area Vision Plan

US Green Building Council: usgbc.org

These links are to metropolitan parks systems in Boston and Cleveland, respectively.  Boston's park system is older and was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, one of the most prolific and well-known landscape architects in United States History.  Cleveland's Metro Parks system is a good local example of a parks system

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Columbus Urban Growth Corporation  PODesign EMH&T
RLJ Management
3021 E. Dublin-Granville Road
Columbus, OH 43231
VWB Research
Curtis Williams
Economic Development Analyst
614. 759-7046
NEWS: Grove City Meetings 
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